Beware of phone scams

We have reports from SVEC members that scammers are once again working in our area. These scammers are targeting small businesses, calling and threatening disconnection of services if a payment is not made immediately over the phone. They may also target residential members. They may call using an automated calling system or a local number. 

• SVEC will NOT call members and threaten immediate disconnection nor will we DEMAND payment over the phone. We do, however, make automated courtesy calls to remind members if a payment has not been made.
• If a member chooses to pay a bill, they must initiate the call to the co-op. 
• If you are approached at your home by someone claiming to be from SVEC, they should have their ID badge, clothing with the SVEC logo and the logo on their vehicle. 

If you are called by someone claiming to be a SVEC representative and they threaten or demand a payment, hang-up and call your local office or 1-888-421-7832.