Beware of Scams

We’ve been notified by several members of scams going around, so please on guard to protect your personal information and your wallet.

•Do not click on any links in emails that come from someone you do not know, and look closely: some hackers will use a name you know (like SVEC) but the sending email address does not match the name or business.
•Do not click on any links or “pop-ups” on Facebook or any webpage that claims “You’ve won” a prize - some say a TV, gift certificate or cash.
•Do not give out your bank information over the phone. SVEC will not call you demanding a payment.

Be safe and extra careful right now, friends. Give us a call or send us an email at if you have any questions or concerns.
423-837-8605 South Pittsburg office
423-949-2198 Dunlap office
423-447-2131 Pikeville office
921-592-2511 Tracy City office
888-421-7832 24/7 line