Deposits, Fees and Rates

Residential Deposit

Deposits are determined by credit rating. Amounts vary from $0 - $400, or twice the highest bill at the location, which ever is higher. Deposits are refunded after 36 months of on-time pay history.

A co-signer or guarantor can sign for new members to avoid paying a deposit. Guarantors must have an active account for at least 13 months and no late payments. The agreement will be in effect for one year or longer. Please call your local office if you have any questions about guarantors.


Residential Fees

Service Fee (on first bill for all new accounts) $20
Returned Check Fee $25
MeterTest Fee $25
Reconnection Fee (If disconnected for non-pay) $50 - $125
Collection Fee $25
Tampering Fee $200
Arrangement Fee $15


November 2018 Rates:

Residential, Class 22

TVA Total Monthly Fuel Charge - $0.07217 per kWh

Energy Charge - $0.02089 per kWh


PAY-Go (Pre-Pay Metering)

TVA Total Monthly Fuel Charge - $0.07217 per kWh

Energy Charge - $0.02089 per kWh


Small Commerical/Industrial/Other (GSA1), Class 40

TVA Total Monthly Fuel Charge - $0.02050 per kWh

Energy Charge - $0.08817 per kWh