Do we owe you money?

April 12, 2019 - Following is a list of inactive Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative members who have outstanding refund checks. The members whose names are listed below have been issued refund checks which have either been returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable or have not been cashed by the recipient. All unclaimed refunds must, by law, be turned over to the state of Tennessee under the Unclaimed Property Act. If you or someone you know is on this list, please contact Lisa Holtcamp with a current address or phone number at 423-837-5046 or 1-800-923-2203, ext. 5046, by May 15, 2019.

Anderson, Melody
Arp, Kimblee
B&H Surveying
Beeler, Rebekah Sue
Bradford, Quinton
Bryant, Robert Jr.
Burns, Christopher Tyler
Carbary, Skyler
Cartwright, Chausee
Chisenall, Amber
Collins, Chad
Contreras, Emilio Sr.
Davis, Waymond
Delk, Rosa
Edsall, Scotty
Farrow, Vickie Elizabeth
Freeman, Perry
Fults, Katherine
Gilbert, Jeremiah
Giliam, Kristie
Gray, Dakota Britt
Hart, Jamie
Hernandez, Bernardo
Hogan, Joseph
Holcomb, Donald Howard Jr
Horton, William Chad
Hughes, Casey
Hurd, Barbara
IPT Cellular
Jackson, Chad
Johnson, Ramona Darlene
Ladd, Keylee
Lamproe, Linda Sue
Lane, Teresa Ann
Layne, Derek
Lofty, Constance
Lopez, Adela Diaz
Lopez, Luis
Lovelady, Roger Alan
Lutes, Christopher
Marrero, Elias/Denzil McKenzie
Mason, Matt
Massey, Cody
McCullough, Marlaina
McGar, Sandra
McGuire, Steven
Mitchell, Corey Paul
Mitchell Kaija
Moore, Felicia
Mozloom, Lisa Marie
Nabors, Nacole
Neal, Michael C.
Nettrour, Jessie L.
Olendorf, David W. Jr.
Perez, Edith Buenrostro
Posey, Charlene
Rigsby, Erik Ward
Roberts, Carl E.
Schaerer, Charles E. Jr.
Sims, Ricky Lynn
Snyder, Lesia
Songer, Shelby Jean
Tallent, Heather
Thompson, Mary Palmer D.
Tokunow, Jane Treiman
Totherow, Syllvia
Turner, Misty
Warda, Rebecca
Welch, Trena Zoe
Whiting, Baylie
Whittemore, Brandon Eugene
Whittemore, Michael A.
Winton Dylan
Wright, Chelsea
Wyatt, Chad Everett