Teach Children to Avoid Downed Power Lines

We heard some very sad news from Texas yesterday; two young boys were electrocuted by power lines downed in a severe overnight storm.

We hope this never happens in our service area, so we are asking all parents to please talk to your children about the dangers of electricity, specifically what to do if they encounter downed power lines.

SVEC Safety Coordinator Donnie Cooper shares some tips for parents to teach their children:


With damaging storms we've already experienced this spring and more likely this season, now is a great time for parents to take the opportunity to discuss storm safety with your children. Some important tips:

  • Never touch a downed power line, or anything that is in contact with it.
  • If a line is on the ground, always assume it is an energized line.
  • If you see a line on the ground, back away and tell an adult immediately.
  • If you see a line in a tree, do not go near the tree and tell an adult immediately.
  • If you accidentally find yourself near a downed power line, either: shuffle out of the area by keeping your feet together and sliding them, or hop away on one foot.

Parents can take preventative measures as well. Always survey the area outside your house after a storm before letting children out to play. Check for:

  • Power lines/equipment on the ground
  • Tree limbs contacting power lines
  • Broken poles
  • Utility crews working in your neighborhood

Electricity is unforgiving. You can’t see it, smell it or hear it under normal circumstances yet it can kill in an instant. Please take the time to educate your children to the hazards.