SVEC History

SVEC, Going Strong for Over 75 Years

Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative was incorporated on July 31, 1939, by a group of community leaders who could foresee the benefits of an electric utility owned by and responsive to the people who were to receive electricity from it. The incorporators took the Indian name for the river running through the area as the unique identification of their new utility, and for over 70 years the Cooperative has been the only business in the area to use this spelling. The primary purpose for founding the Cooperative was to enable the rural people in the Valley to secure electricity to improve their way of life and standard of living. Local townspeople who already enjoyed the benefits of electricity knew that the economic future for everyone would be improved with electricity available to all.

The cooperative organization enabled the new business to borrow money from the Rural Electrification Administration, one of the special federal agencies created during the 1930’s to improve the national economy and particularly the rural economy.

In 1940, after one year of operation, Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative served 2,142 members. Now over seventy five years later, the cooperative is providing electrical service to over 34,000 different homes and businesses.


The photo above is from the late 1940s, after World War II. It features the Tracy City crew: Glyn Hess (driver), Louis Schild, John Henley, Frank Chance (on the truck from left to right) and Carl Griffith (standing). Thank you to Mrs. Nellie Mae Hess for sharing this photo.