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Celebrating 75 Years of Energizing Our Communities

1939 - 2014


This year is a big one for SVEC communities, members, employees and board directors - we celebrate seventy-five years of providing safe, reliable, affordable power to our rural communities.

Back in 1939, electricity had spread to most major cities and towns across the country, but folks living in America's rural interior were shut out. Investor-owned utilities saw no profit in providing electricity to such sparsely populated regions. TVA, which was created in 1933 through the passing of the TVA Act, introduced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, purchased property in Bledsoe, Marion, Sequatchie and Grundy Counties from the Tennessee Electric Power Company. After articles of incorporation were filed and approved by the State of Tennessee, Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative bought the property from TVA and immediately began extensive rehabilitation of the power system and started an aggressive program to build lines to serve new customers.

Over the past 75 years, SVEC has continued to expand our electric system, grow our member base and fuel our local economy by attracting new business. Our story is one of growth and steady progress, driven by determination, hard work and the goal to make our communities a better, safer, more prosperous place to live. 



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